Why Hiring a Window Cleaning Company is Better Than DIY

Are you thinking about cleaning your own windows instead of hiring a window cleaning company? Here are several things to consider before making your decision:

Save Yourself Time by Hiring a Professional Window Cleaning Company

For a DIYer, the window cleaning process could take double or triple the time of professional window cleaners. Since you’re new to the window washing world, it will most likely take more than one attempt to get your windows to look the way you want. Between work and family matters, we know that your time is precious. Why spend an entire afternoon washing your own windows when you can hire experienced professionals to get the job done in half the amount of time?

Proper Tools and Training for Cleaning Windows

Because you don’t have professional training in window cleaning, it may take you several attempts to clean your glass without leaving streaks and watermarks. Cleaning glass properly is a skill that not everyone has, so save yourself the frustration by hiring professional residential window cleaners that do the job right, every time. After spending hours cleaning your windows, the frustration of finding a streak on the glass makes it almost not worth cleaning your window in the first place! At Western Reserve Window Cleaning, our window washers keep your windows cleaner for longer by using professional window squeegees to ensure your windows are streak-free, every time.

Cleaning Your Home Windows Safely

When you have hard-to reach windows, a ladder is necessary. According to Columbus Children’s Hospitals Center for Injury Research and Policy (CIRP), there was an average of 136,000 people per year who were treated in hospital ERs for ladder-related injuries. While climbing the ladder, you have to carry window cleaning tools and cleaners with you, balance while cleaning the window and make your way back down the ladder. One moment of losing your balance could leave you seriously injured. Using a ladder to clean your windows also increases your risk of breaking a window. You also must consider the health risk that comes along with cleaning your windows yourself. Window cleaning solutions have chemicals that must be handled properly. Instead of putting yourself at risk, leave the dangerous work to professional window washers.

Cost: Is It Worth It?

We understand that you want to make every dollar count, but you must consider all of the aspects mentioned above before making a decision about cleaning your windows. It’s important to ask yourself what the value of your energy, time and safety is. Before making a decision, request an estimate from a professional window cleaning company. You may be surprised!

At Western Reserve Window Cleaning, we make it possible for you to stay on a budget while still delivering exceptional results. Clean windows make your whole day brighter, and we can help keep your windows stay cleaner for longer, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning them yourself. Let the friendly professional cleaners at Western Reserve Window Cleaning take care of your windows for you. Contact us today for a free estimate or give us a call at 330-346-0200.

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