Window Cleaning Tips – How to Clean Glass

We get a lot of questions from our residential window cleaning customers asking for tips on maintenance in between our regular cleanings.  There are a number of things that you can do to touch up your windows between cleanings. Window Cleaning Products – What to Use Before you can begin cleaning your windows, you’ll have […]

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What is screen burn?

Do you know the material of your window screens?  Most screens are made from some type of nylon, but some are made from aluminum. Many people like aluminum screens because they are more durable, and less likely to rip or tear.  However, aluminum screens have a downside.  We all know that we live in the […]

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What’s in a name?

Several people have asked me recently about the name Western Reserve Window Cleaning, so here is the story of how we arrived at this name. When the colony of Connecticut was settled, it claimed land following its northern and southern borders all the way to the Pacific Ocean.  In 1786, Connecticut ceded its claim to […]

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How we serve our customers

I had an experience at one of the first houses I ever cleaned that helped me determine what kind of company Western Reserve Window Cleaning would be.  A homeowner in Akron called to request a free estimate.  I went to her house, gave her the estimate and she scheduled the cleaning. On the day of […]

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Black spots/shotgun spores

What are those dark spots on my windows and siding? Do you have little brown or black spots on your windows or siding?  Did they seem to show up out of nowhere?  Why are they only on some parts of the house and not others? These spots are known as shotgun spores, or artillery fungus.  […]

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How often should you have your windows cleaned?

Homeowners frequently ask me how often they should have their windows cleaned.  There are a number of factors to consider.  First, how important is it for you to have clean windows?  Windows will always get dirty.  We clean many commercial accounts on a bi-weekly basis to keep them clean all the time, but chances are […]

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