Is There An Advantage to Hiring a Window Cleaning Franchise?

Hiring a Window Cleaning Company –
Franchise vs. Locally-Owned

Choosing the right window cleaning company is an important decision.  One of the decisions to make is whether to choose a locally owned business, or a national franchise.  What is a franchise?  A company (franchisor) sells the right to use their name, and the franchisees who buy this right, then continue to pay royalties back to the franchisor.

Western Reserve Window Cleaning is truly a locally-owned business.

100% of the money paid to Western Reserve stays in our local economy.  Of the money paid to a franchise, at least 10% will leave our local economy when it gets sent to the franchisor as royalties.  This is the main disadvantage of hiring a franchise.  If you like the money you spend to remain in your community hiring a locally-owned small business is the only way to make this happen.

In the pre-internet era, there was an advantage to franchises.  They were able to share knowledge and information with each other in ways that local small businesses could not.  However, in today’s information age, there is no longer a knowledge gap between franchised and non-franchised businesses.

Window cleaning franchises are usually more expensive than their locally-owned counterparts.  The franchise has to pay royalties, advertising fees, and other payments to the franchisor that can take up 10-15% of gross sales.  The only way to survive is to pass on these costs to their customers.  Western Reserve Window Cleaning doesn’t have any of these additional expenses, so we are able to keep our prices lower for our customers.

Western Reserve Window Cleaning offers all of the same benefits of a franchise.  We accept all major credit cards, our window cleaners are always in uniform, and we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all window cleaning services.

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