How Do You Remove Hard Water Stains from Glass?

Remove hard water stains on glass

Keeping up with a regular window cleaning schedule will typically keep your windows looking great. But occasionally, damage from outside sources can affect the glass. Whether it’s a sprinkler system spraying the glass, a brick sealant drying on the glass, or wet concrete, any of these can leave spots on the glass that can’t be removed with normal window cleaning methods.

Hard water stains like these require additional effort and a different process to remove them. One way to prevent this is regular cleaning, which is provided by some window cleaning companies, such as Western Reserve Window Cleaning, while other companies specialize in glass restoration and repair.

Typically, products containing muriatic acid or phosphoric acid are best for removing hard water stains from glass. It’s important to note that this is a specialized process, because of the dangers posed by using caustic acids and you should not attempt to use these products on your own. Hiring a professional window cleaning company is the smartest and safest option.

One well-known method for removing hard water stains from glass is to use household oven cleaner. However, while the acids in oven cleaner will remove the stains, they can also dissolve the paint or glazing around a window—which is probably something you want to avoid. Cleaning hard water stains with any acids should be done with the utmost caution, and in most cases should be done by a professional who has experience working with hazardous materials.

However, one method that anyone can use is working with steel wool to clean hard water stains from glass. Steel wool comes in gradients, and the finest is 0000. Once a window has had the dirt removed from it, 0000 steel wool can be used on wet, soapy glass without risk of causing scratches. While this won’t remove all hard water deposits, it will be effective in most cases.

Do you think that your windows have hard water deposits on the glass, and you’re unsure about how to remove them? Contact a window cleaning professional who can advise you on the safest, most effective method of removing hard water deposits.

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